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Professional Learning

Continuous Development for 21st Century Teachers

Today’s complex and rapidly changing education environment requires that teachers embrace continuous learning and prepare to meet challenges head on. CTI offers high quality professional learning opportunities that improve teaching skills, with a focus on cultivating the educational environments students need to meet their college or career goals and enter a global workforce as successful contributors to society.

All of our programs are offered at nominal or no charge for induction members, and meet several LCAP priorities for agencies and districts. The programs provide an overt connection to student success/outcomes as well as to the new California Standards, utilizing the 4 C’s (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking). The programs are research-based to include technology integration and goals.

Our Professional Development for the 21st Century Educator are customizable seminars geared for public school and private school agencies focusing on engaging and managing students and learning for the new California Standards classroom.

What's New in Professional Learning...

Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave - (TPSL)
TPSL allows an employing agency to fill a position where the teacher of record is unable to teach due to a statutory leave with a temporary teacher of record for the duration of the leave.

The Riverside County Office of Education is offering online modules that meet the 45 hours of preparation required for a current or prospective substitute teacher to obtain an initial Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave. The modules are ongoing and can be taken at any time (click here for more information).

Please contact Center for Teacher Innovation for information about our Professional Development for the 21st Century Educator:

Barbara Howard
Executive Director, Center for Teacher Innovation
(951) 826-6632
(951) 826-6950 FAX

"I am now excited about transitioning from a teacher-led classroom to a learner based classroom."


"Very informative, gave me so many new ideas to use in the classroom and to support new common core methods."


"I enjoyed learning techniques that I can use to engage students in the classroom."