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Individualized Plans to Help Teachers Obtain Clear Credentials

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) is the State of California agency authorized to issue credentials to California educators and service professionals. The Center for Teacher Innovation (CTI) is a subsidiary of the Riverside County Office of Education, which is a CTC-accredited induction program sponsor.  As such, CTI is authorized to submit clear credential recommendations to CTC for teacher candidates who complete our general education and/or education specialist induction programs.

Credential advisement and support services are included as part of the candidate’s induction experience.  Whether you only need to complete an induction program or whether you also have additional statutory renewal requirements or an expired credential, we provide an individualized completion plan to obtain your California clear teaching credential through CTI.

  • Clear Credential recommendation to CTC
  • Credential Renewal Requirements for a Clear Credential
  • Credential Extension Assistance
  • Induction Eligibility
  • Transfer Documentation
  • Optional University Units

Learn more about the Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave - (TPSL)
TPSL allows an employing agency to fill a position where the teacher of record is unable to teach due to a statutory leave with a temporary teacher of record for the duration of the leave.

The Riverside County Office of Education is offering online modules that meet the 45 hours of preparation required for a current or prospective substitute teacher to obtain an initial Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave. The modules are ongoing and can be taken at any time (click here for more information).

Barbara Howard
Executive Director, Center for Teacher Innovation
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