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Supporting the Development of California’s Teachers

Translating coursework theory into classroom application with students, adjusting to your school environment, and having a clear roadmap are all part of a very difficult and exciting journey in becoming a great teacher.

The Center for Teacher Innovation offers both new and experienced teachers opportunities to advance their careers and grow professionally. We combine a suite of programs with one-to-one coaching from an experienced teaching mentor. This affordable and innovative approach to formative assessment gives teachers the tools, resources, strategies and the support to meet the demands inherent in the teaching profession.

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Induction Programs - Center for Teacher Innovation offers two induction programs: General Education and Education Specialist. Each program offers candidates the ability to complete the program via a blended or online path.

Online Programs - Our online induction option offers a flexible, technology-based path to clearing a teaching credential.

Professional Learning - The Center for Teacher Innovation offers high quality professional learning opportunities that make a lasting impression on both teacher skills and student success.

Intern Teachers - Teachers develop an individualized plan to meet the requirements of the Multiple or Single Subject credentials while teaching in their own classroom on an Intern Credential with support from a coach at their site and a university supervisor from California State University, San Bernardino.

Teacher Test Prep - Test Prep is designed to provide content review for individuals needing to pass the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET).

Verification Process for Special Settings (VPSS) - VPSS provides an opportunity for teachers in special programs to achieve NCLB compliance in four core academic subjects: mathematics, science, social science, and English.

Credentials - Completion of induction program and credential requirements will earn the candidate a clear credential recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Resources & Tools – Resources and Tools are provided to assist both candidates and coaches to meet the needs of continuous professional learning in the areas of common core standards, student engagement, and classroom management.

Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave - (TPSL) - TPSL allows an employing agency to fill a position where the teacher of record is unable to teach due to a statutory leave with a temporary teacher of record for the duration of the leave.