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Reflective Coaches

Mentors Support Induction Candidates and Increase Success

The cornerstone of any induction program is the relationship between a beginning teacher and an experienced mentor. If you are a teacher investing your time to research induction programs, pause to consider the type of Reflective Coach you deserve. That person should be a mentor trained to provide you with the resources and thoughtful guidance that will significantly impact both your self-efficacy and the experience you’ll have as a beginning teacher. You only start your teaching career once; make sure you select a program that will provide the mentoring expertise that will give you the best beginning imaginable.

As part of the Center for Teacher Innovation, our 700+ Reflective Coaches provide induction candidates with a rich, powerful mentoring experience that builds upon their knowledge and skills, increases their self-efficacy, and provides the support clear credential candidates need to flourish.

Each Reflective Coach brings a wealth of educational expertise to our program. Their professional learning and depth of knowledge work together to create a personalized induction experience based upon the unique teaching context of their candidates.

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"My Reflective Coach has been an excellent [source of] support. She has made my experience with induction as pleasant as possible, and is always available to me if I need her help. Apart from always being incredibly kind and sincere, she is accommodating and understanding. I am truly grateful to have her as my Reflective Coach!"