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Induction: A Key Tool for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers

The National Association of State Boards of Education states that effective teaching is the primary factor that influences student achievement after accounting for student characteristics. New teachers typically require from three to five years to teach at a level that maximizes student growth and achievement. In a recent survey of California assistant superintendents, accelerating new teacher skill development while implementing the new California Standards curriculum and technology into the learning are the top critical challenges facing our schools and districts today.

The Center for Teacher Innovation (formerly RIMS-BTSA) has fully redesigned its Induction programs and developed a customized approach to helping new teachers excel. This innovative new program accommodates and supports the distinctive needs and unique learning environments of Charter Agencies. The program’s online structure promotes authentic growth with continuous learning cycles that are California Standards-aligned, resource rich, and applicable to each teacher’s unique learning environment. Each teacher is paired with a Reflective Coach who participates in our professional development course in order to effectively guide and support the beginning teacher. New teachers who participate in induction programs benefit schools through improved teaching practices, higher student achievement and lower teacher turnover. Based on the evidence from the initial success of our program, students are also benefiting in both their social/emotional and academic learning.

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