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Private School Teacher Induction

Private and independent schools tailor educational experiences and processes to address a wide range of student and family needs while serving and strengthening academic quality.

The Center for Teacher Innovation collaborates with private schools throughout the state to equip private and independent school educators with tools and processes to support all learners. CTI’s induction program for private school teachers offers instructional planning which aligns with the independent school mission, as well as the flexibility of reflection.

Induction candidates from private and independent schools not only work through the standards for the teaching profession, they learn to embody the mission of their teaching context. Just as private and independent school teachers collaborate with families to foster strong academic partnerships, CTI offers a collaborative partnership based on the values and student goals of each of our private school partners.

The 2018-2019 Induction Program Enrollment Window has closed.

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"I believe that most of the practices I've been using have been validated and the areas where I needed growth have been further developed. What I learned most in this program is that we are not alone. There were so many resources to enhance student learning. This program has exposed me to resources I didn't know existed."