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Online Programs Offer Pathways to Credentialing

CTI offers an online, job-embedded professional teacher induction program that helps employed teachers clear a California Preliminary General Education credential or Education Specialist teacher credential.

Both our commission-approved General Education and Clear Education-Specialist Induction Programs are available through an innovative online structure that offers teachers a unique, flexible, and shared learning experience through self-reflection and relevant problem solving. Utilizing CTI eConnect and Blackboard Collaborate™, our cutting-edge online induction program prepares educators to facilitate learning in student-centered 21st Century classrooms. Teachers engage in job-embedded cycles of inquiry driven by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Designed by Leading Edge Certified¬© facilitators and supported by high impact Reflective Coaches, Online Induction is the perfect option for teachers who are looking for a personalized, self-directed, technology rich path to a California Clear Credential.


  • Completion of program requirements will lead to eligibility for a California clear credential.
  • Development of personal and professional learning networks.
  • Increased capacity of 21st Century / student centered pedagogy,
  • Deeper understanding of content knowledge and application of instructional strategies to facilitate student learning.
  • Sharpened skills and knowledge needed to teach and learn in an increasingly connected global and digital world.
  • Increased student achievement.
  • Shared learning through published e-portfolios

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"As a result of this induction program, I have learned about making advances to my lesson planning implementation, differentiation, and assessments. I have also learned new and exciting ways to implement technology, and as a result, have noticed that my students are more engaged."

Online Candidate, 2013-2014