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Comprehensive Teacher Induction

In response to a changing educational landscape, the Center for Teacher Innovation’s comprehensive induction program aligns to the 21st century skills, focuses on California State Standards and is founded on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

Research collected over the past 20 years strongly indicates the job-embedded support of a personal mentor is the heart of a successful induction experience. Our induction candidates work with a Reflective Coach that supports the new teacher in partnership with their employer. The relationship between the Reflective Coach and the induction candidate is at the heart of the Center’s induction programs.

The Center for Teacher Innovation’s Comprehensive Induction Program:

  • May be used by districts to aid in attracting and recruiting new teachers
  • Supports and retains teachers in the profession
  • Promotes growth for beginning teachers that positively impacts student learning

To enroll in the Center for Teacher Innovation’s Teacher Induction Program, please contact the Center for Teacher Innovation:

Barbara Howard
Executive Director, Center for Teacher Innovation
Riverside County Office of Education
(951) 826-6632