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Blended Induction

Blended Induction equips educators with 21st Century teaching and learning innovations and skills proven to impact teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Program candidates experience meaningful and manageable cycles of inquiry while utilizing technology and teaching connections to advance their skills as educators.

Candidates are matched to a trained, agency-based Reflective Coach who supports the candidate to grow in their practice using strategies and teaching innovations aligned with the new California Standards. Candidates and Reflective Coaches collaboratively engage in learning-focused conversations to guide self-reflection that results in improved teaching practice and higher student achievement.

Teachers participating in the Blended Induction Program receive:

  • Access to trained Agency-Based Reflective Coach who clears the path for the Candidate to avoid pitfalls and increase success.
  • Curriculum and experiences aligned to the new California Standards and initiatives.
  • Flexible time, pace and place.
  • Personalized curated resources and learning tools to take with them into their future teaching!
  • Units/Masters Degree/ Certifications etc.
  • Self-selected areas of focus for Inquiries.

School Districts that choose CTI’s Blended Induction Program for their new teachers benefit from:

  • An Agency-aligned Reflective Coach who knows district policies, priorities and procedures.
  • Management and organization of the induction process by CTI, meaning that districts do not have to provide resources for this responsibility.
  • An accredited program that also meets LCAP/LCFF requirements.
  • Our exceptional reputation; CTI’s Blended Induction Program is the largest and longest maintained program in State of California.
  • Access to credentialing experts.
  • CTI’s innovative approach to a clear credential.

Private/Charter Schools that choose CTI’s Blended Induction Program for their new teachers benefit from:

  • Networking and support in the teacher’s selected content area.
  • A personalized program around teaching context and student populations.