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Clear Your Teaching Credential

Are you ready to obtain your California Clear Credential? We can help!

The Center for Teacher Innovation (CTI) offers both new and experienced teachers exceptional opportunities to advance their careers and grow professionally.  Our Commission-accredited comprehensive teacher induction programs help you clear your California teaching credential, combining a suite of programs with one-to-one coaching from an experienced mentor.

Why the Center for Teacher Innovation?
CTI’s fine-tuned induction programs deliver exactly what teachers need – direct alignment to 21st century skills, a specific concentration on the new California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Additionally, our programs reduce redundancies perceived by teachers as reminiscent of their teacher preparation programs.  This innovative and affordable approach to formative assessment gives teachers the tools, resources, strategies and support they need for success.

Flexible Induction Programs
The General Education Induction Program is for teachers with preliminary multiple subject or single subject credentials, and the Education Specialist Induction Program is for special education teachers. Each can be completed via an online or blended path. Both paths include individualized support from a carefully selected, highly trained reflective coach.

Online path provides an innovative online structure and is the perfect option for teachers who are looking for a personalized, self-directed, technology rich program with the support of an online coach.

Blended path provides an experienced, agency-based reflective coach who supports the candidate through the program. Program candidates experience meaningful and manageable cycles of inquiry while using technology and teaching connections to advance their skills.

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