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The State accreditation process is designed to assure the public and the Legislature that our programs are effectively training school personnel to function in the credential areas for which they are being prepared. The Center for Teacher Innovation constantly engages our program personnel in the process of evaluation and program improvement. We monitor and review current research in the areas of coaching, mentoring, induction, and credentialing.

Beginners in the Classroom: What the Changing Demographics of Teaching Mean for Schools, Students, and Society – Carnegie Foundation; March 2014.

Collaborative Action Research Projects: The Role of Communities of Practice and Mentoring in Enhancing Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development – Action Research Quarterly; March 2013.

The Evolution of Peer Coaching - Showers & Joyce study on effective practices and coaching methods.

Cognitive Coaching - Studies on the importance of cognitive coaching can be found via our Reflective Coach Resources as well as professional learning sessions.